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    Application of Small Precision Metal

    Precision metal stamping die

    Overview of stamping die industry

    Mold is used in the manufacturing industry, the impact of a wide range of basic technology and equipment, known as the "mother of industry", "Crown Industry", is a high-tech-intensive industries.

    Stamping dies - In the cold stamping process, the material (metal or non-metallic) into parts (or semi-finished products) of a special process equipment, known as cold stamping dies (commonly known as Die). Stamping - is a pressure processing method that uses a mold mounted on a press to apply pressure to the material at room temperature to produce a separation or plastic deformation to obtain the desired part.

    Stamping die stamping is essential for the production process equipment, is a technology-intensive products. Stamping parts of the quality, production efficiency and production costs, and mold design and manufacturing are directly related. Mold design and manufacturing technology level, is a measure of the level of a country's manufacturing products, one of the important indicators, to a large extent determines the product quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities. At present, it has been able to produce multi-step progressive die with step precision and forming accuracy of about 2μm.

    Brief Introduction of High - speed Continuous Stamping Die for Small Precision Metal

    Small precision metal mold is a high-end mold industry mold, with complex structure, high precision machining parts, stamping speed and long service life characteristics. Small metal high-speed continuous stamping die in the electronics industry is widely used, but also the development and production of mobile phones and other mobile communication terminals and other emerging products, structural parts of the most important tool. In the mold industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, precision stamping dies, especially with the electronic information industry is closely related to the small high-speed precision metal stamping die is classified as the development focus. To produce high precision, high stability of the stamping parts, must improve the level of stamping die technology. With the development of microelectronics technology, consumer terminals such as mobile phones, digital products, the integration of more and more high, but its size and weight in the masters decline, requiring its internal components become smaller and smaller, for example, And digital products supporting the connector also toward the ultra-small, thin development, connector lead spacing has been reduced to 0.5mm, 0.4mm, 0.3mm, which also contributed to the development of precision mold technology,
     Market Status of High - speed Continuous Stamping Dies for Small Precision Metals

    Multi-station progressive die and fine die represent the development direction of high-speed precision stamping die for precision metal parts. The requirements of precision and life expectancy are very high, mainly for the electronic information industry. These two kinds of mold, the country has a considerable foundation, and has introduced foreign technology and equipment, individual enterprise products have reached the world level, but most enterprises are still a wide gap, the total also in short supply. At present, it has been able to produce multi-step progressive die with step precision and forming precision of about 2μm. Foxconn, Tyco, long surplus precision companies in the development of small precision metal molds ranked the top three in the world, of which long surplus precision as an excellent representative of local enterprises in the mold development by leaps and bounds, 2009 small precision metal high-speed continuous stamping die Development of more than 1,800 sets ,.

    The Development Direction of Small - sized Precision Metal High - speed Continuous Stamping Die

    Mold technology and mold industry development focus is: to improve accuracy, large-scale development, innovative structural design, lean management. To achieve this requirement urgent development of the following items:

    (1) to vigorously develop mold design talent and processing talent;

    (2) to vigorously upgrade the level of domestic mold processing equipment;

    (3) to enhance the quality of domestic mold materials;

    (4) on the basis of good domestic enterprises to support the mold, and gradually produce a number of leading international brands close to the mold business.

    The Application of High - speed Continuous Stamping Die in Precision Electronic Components

    Precision electronic components as an important part of the electronic information industry, widely used in mobile communication terminals and digital electronic products. Mobile communication terminals and digital products with a fast replacement, product variety, small size and other characteristics of products, precision components also require new types of products, forms, development and delivery cycle is short, high precision. Precision metal parts are generally assembled by a number of metal parts, to high-volume and rapid production of high-precision metal parts must use small precision metal high-speed continuous stamping die to complete, because the small high-speed precision metal mold has the following advantages : ①. Stamping speed, high production efficiency, stamping times per minute up to 300 times more suitable for production of large quantities, delivery of urgent products. ②. High degree of automation, a pair of stamping die can be combined with a variety of stamping process, such as cutting, stretching, sprouting, more suitable for the production of more complex structure of the product. ③. Punching products with high precision, because the small precision metal high-speed continuous mold processing accuracy of up to 2um, punching of metal parts accuracy up to ± 0.02mm. Therefore, an enterprise's small precision metal high-speed continuous stamping die development level and a modulus of the enterprise determines the level of precision electronic components manufacturing, domestic enterprises long surplus precision precision metal because of its high-speed continuous high-speed stamping die development level, In 2004 the first to develop mobile communication terminals and digital products precision connectors; in 2007 the development of mobile communication terminals and digital products with micro-RF connector, and the first to achieve a mobile communication terminals and digital products for the variety of connector series .

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