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    Teach you to use four elements of metal accessories

    Hardware industry is developing very fast, many companies only to other manufacturing enterprises to do the matching, accessories, manufacturing enterprises on the strong dependence, but also on the market demand for the reaction is also very slow. Knowledge of the square inch of science: For example, the object for the processing of doors and windows manufacturers of hardware accessories, how to make enterprises with sustainable competitiveness, mainly from the following four elements:

        (1) in the selection of hardware accessories, try to choose quality assurance products, hardware accessories should be the quality level with the doors and windows of the quality level consistent with the structure, shape and shape should be consistent with the profile, color coordination and beauty, function Correct, flexible operation, easy installation.

         (2) hardware accessories installation should be complete, standardized, solid, accurate location. After installation, doors and windows beautiful appearance, open flexible and convenient, shall not have deformation, obstruction and collision.

        (3) hardware accessories exposed fasteners should be preferred stainless steel products.

        (4) open the doors and windows and large sliding doors and windows closed should be multi-lock points, or under the effect of negative pressure will greatly reduce the air tightness, taking into account the ease of operation, it is best to use multi-lock handle or actuator .

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