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    What are the classification of hardware products and purchase skills

    Hardware product classification, according to the use of functional categories are divided into general hardware and special hardware category. The general hardware class is divided into the hinge slide type, the decorative handle type, the decorative lock type according to the installment way; The special hardware class divides into the bathroom hardware class and the kitchen pendant class according to the establishment way. In this case,
           In the hardware accessories on the purchase, should select the sealing performance of a good hinge, rails, locks, hinges; choose a good flexibility of the lock, when the key can be inserted several times to see Shun is not smooth, the switch is screwed up Province Jin; select the appearance of good performance types of decorative hardware. In this case,

        1, skirting board

    Skirting board is often overlooked, in fact, the first problem may be the cabinet. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to swell moldy. Skirting board with wooden skirting board and matte metal skirting board two. Wooden skirting board manufacturers are generally used to make the cabinet when the remaining corners of the waste, the lower the cost. But the skirting board and the ground is very close to the wood material is easy to absorb water, and water vapor will rise along the skirting board endanger the entire cabinet.

    2, rail drawer

    The guide rail is divided into two rails, three rails two, the choice of exterior paint and electroplating brightness, load bearing wheel clearance and strength determines the drawer opening and closing of the flexible and noise, should select the wear and rotation of the bearing wheel. In this case,

    3, steel pumping

    Knife and fork plate steel pumping, knife and fork plate size accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, will not be deformed, for the maintenance and use of kitchen cabinets, has its irreplaceable role, long for Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed The country's kitchen cabinet company widely used. Therefore, when you have a rough observation of the appearance of the cabinet, you should pull each drawer to see if a combination of steel pumping and knife and fork, indicating the high cost of the product, the combination of more standardized cabinet, the other hand, if the use of wood Drawer, the cost is lower.

    4, handle

    Handle the material zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramics and so on. In order to match with a variety of styles of furniture, handle the shape, color is thousands of different things, colorful. After electroplating and electrostatic paint handle, with wear and corrosion resistance, the choice of room decoration in addition to style and consistent, but also should be able to withstand greater tension, the general handle should be able to withstand more than 6 kg of tension.

    5, the hinge

    Hinge kind of hardware main door hinge door, drawer rails, door hinge three. Door hinge material for the two kinds of copper and stainless steel. Single hinge area standard 10cm × 3cm and 10cm × 4cm, the axis diameter of 1.1cm to 1.3cm between the hinge wall thickness of 2.5mm to 3mm, when the hinge in order to open easily without noise, should be selected The page axis contains the ball bearing is better.

    6, hinged doors

    Hinge is divided into two types of detachable and non-detachable, but also to cover the door closed after the location is divided into large bend, the bend, straight bend three, the main bend in the main. Select the hinge In addition to visual observation, feel smooth hinge surface, the hinge spring should be noted that the reset performance is better, you can open the hinge 95 degrees, both sides of the hinge pressed hard to observe the support spring is not deformed, not broken, very strong For the quality of qualified products.

    The above is the classification of metal products and purchase skills, only to understand the classification of hardware products can be selected to the appropriate product.

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