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    Precision metal processing is mainly good or bad to see which two aspects

    Precision metal processing is mainly to see which two aspects of precision metal processing depends on the processing machine tool processing accuracy, operational skills is only one aspect of the machine precision is not enough, it will affect the quality of precision metal,

    1, from the hardware speaking, the processing of mechanical parts are a variety of mechanical equipment, such as cars, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, broaching machine processing center, the inherent accuracy of various equipment are not the same, so to achieve precision machining, Depends on how accurate your parts corresponding to select the appropriate process routes and equipment;

    2, speaking from the software, is the operator's skills, which involves a variety of equipment operators operating skills, these skills include a deep understanding of the equipment, understanding of machining, processing of parts understanding of these materials Skills can be normal work slowly accumulated, the operator's skill is the key to practice, the theory should understand.

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