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    China National Hardware Association 2016 annual working conference held in Beijing

    To comprehensively implement the party's 18th session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Economic Work Conference and the central "thirteen" plan spirit, conscientiously sum up the "second five" industry development, research and development industry " Deployment Association 2016 focus on work, China Hardware Products Association 2016 annual meeting on January 7 held in Beijing. The chairman of the association, executive director, full-time vice chairman, vice chairman, product branch chairman (president), the Secretary-General a total of 71 people attended the meeting. Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Dongli, presided over the meeting.


        The meeting heard the chairman of the stone monk made of hardware products industry in China "Twelfth Five-Year" summary and the "thirteen Five" development guidance guidance report; listened to Jin Lixin full-time vice chairman and secretary-general, Lu Jiying full-time vice chairman , Liu Runfeng full-time vice chairman, Meng Fanbo full-time vice chairman of the tool hardware branch of the Secretary-General Zhou Jihua on the industry in charge of the "Thirteen Five" focus on the development of the work report; listened to the Association of China Hardware &; Kitchen Editorial Director Shao white The report focused on the future development of magazines; listened to the full-time vice chairman and secretary-general of Jin Lixin on the Association to host the World Hardware Assembly in 2017 the situation report; Zhang Dongli Executive Summary of the General Assembly, and the deployment of Association of 2016 priorities. Participants discussed the above report and exchanged views on the current situation and existing problems of the industry.


        Chairman of stone monk in the "China Hardware Industry" thirteen five "development guidance" report, a detailed comb of the industry, "second five" during the achievements and experience, comprehensive, in-depth and objective analysis of the "ten Three five "during the industry will face the development environment, a clear industry" 13th Five-Year "development of the guiding ideology, objectives and key tasks.

        "Twelve Five" period, the industry firmly develop the concept, confidence, direction, in close connection with the status of China's hardware industry, adhere to the "five changes" and "three to improve" in the transformation of hardware products industry development, but also pay attention to Saving resources, reducing energy consumption, environmental protection and improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, for the further development of the industry has played an important role in connecting the past and the future.

        "Thirteen Five" period, China's economic development has entered a new normal, metal products industry will also enter a critical period from large to strong. The development of the industry at home and abroad environment and conditions have undergone major changes, not only face significant opportunities for strategic opportunities, but also faces many contradictions overlap each other with serious challenges. The industry should comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and integrate innovation, coordination, Open, and sharing of the five development concepts, supply side structural reform, "Made in China 2025" development goals, into the future development of pragmatic industry initiatives. Optimize the industry, region, enterprise, market structure, adhere to the overall tone of stability and progress, to adapt to the new normal economic development, effective response to a variety of risk challenges.


        Participants on the "China Hardware Industry" 13th Five-Year "Development Guidance" report to discuss the report that the thrust of the report clear, detailed data, analysis and objective. Each sub-sector "13th Five-Year" development focus on the work of the report, clear thinking, with a strong focus for the industry in the next five years, pointed out the direction of development. Participants fully affirmed the achievements of the industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, and combined with the common problems faced by the industry and the enterprises in the development, the new growth points of the industry development, the new measures to deal with and the future trend of the industry. In-depth discussion and exchange. The industry should continue to adhere to the "five major changes" to improve product quality, enhance labor efficiency, establish a brand, enhance the level of profits, and further integration of industry resources, to achieve a more sustained and healthy development.


        The meeting focused on the work of the Association in 2016 were deployed. This year is the "thirteen five" first year, the association should be in the "thirteen" development guidance under the guidance of the focus of the implementation of the work carried out. To enhance the quality, brand, efficiency as the center, with China International Hardware Show, China International Kitchen and Bath Fair as a platform to integrate social and industry resources, strengthen the service system, and promote domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. Promote the hardware industry to improve quality and transformation and upgrading of the work carried out so that the development of the industry to a new height.

        2017 World Hardware Assembly will highlight the strength of China's hardware industry and image of the Association is the "Thirteen Five" during a very important international exchange activities, is to promote domestic and international hardware industry cooperation and exchange event. World Hardware Assembly once again settled in China, will become an important symbol of the status of China's hardware manufacturing power, the Association will also take this opportunity to carry out a series of foreign affairs activities to strengthen the overall image of China's hardware industry promotion, for the convening of the General Assembly to do Good all the preparatory work.


        As the news mouthpiece of the association, the journal "China Hardware &; Kitchen &; Bath", as the news mouthpiece of the Association, has always taken the key, difficult and hot issues of the development of the industry into full play and played an important role in the industry information platform. The journal should continue to do well in the future And news propaganda work, contribute to the development of the industry.

        Zhang Dongli Executive Director summed up the meeting. On the convening of this meeting and the results achieved affirmed. It is believed that the conference is high-end, high-efficient and high-quality, and puts forward new countermeasures to the new situation, new situation and new problems. Questions were raised on the criteria for the delegates, and further elements were added after the meeting to make the guidance more detailed. In the "Thirteen Five" period, we must strengthen confidence, take a good transformation and upgrading, physical efficiency of the road, around the eighteenth five proposed the "five concepts" and the Central Economic Work Conference "five tasks" to work. The industry should further strengthen the quality of construction, to provide consumers with easy to use, durable and good products. After entering the modern manufacturing stage, the spirit of craftsmen should be integrated into the modern industrial culture. From 2016 onwards, the association should further strengthen the construction and team building, improve the quality of personnel and service capabilities, to further strengthen the investigation and study, to further strengthen the information statistics data collation. Through all-round efforts to achieve sustained, stable and healthy development of the industry.

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