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    Metal stamping parts small and medium-sized processing enterprises how to survive?

    Metal stamping parts wide range of applications, product variety. At present, the market expansion of small and medium enterprises should focus on the following points:

    One: looking for small quantities, relatively low technological content of orders. Enterprises in the development of the market to find some small quantities, relatively high profits of the orders and buyers, more conducive to the growth of enterprises and the accumulation of the original capital.

    2: take the Internet and the traditional model of combining marketing. Small businesses can take advantage of traditional marketing models, such as attending some shows, visiting more customers, and making more business calls, based on ensuring that the Internet's infrastructure is available. To take a relatively active approach, metal stamping parts to expand the market.

    Three: learn to leverage. For small and medium enterprises, but linked to a large order, you can find some idle plant or equipment to save the cost of inputs, just put in technology and human resources, so you can earn more profits. But a market crisis, you can do a good job market flexibility, to avoid blind expansion.

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