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    How to make China into a hardware power?

    In recent years, China has gradually developed into a hardware power, although the hardware is a real power, but not a powerful hardware, business opportunities at the same time as dangerous, foreign high-quality hardware products still have a huge market, how to make China into a hardware power?

    View of the international metal market dynamic development, with China's status in the world continues to increase, more and more countries around the world began to use Chinese hardware products, to a certain extent, stimulated the development of China's hardware products. In recent years, China's hardware industry has grown, although the real hardware, but not a powerful country in the business opportunities at the same time also perilous, foreign high-quality hardware products still have a huge market, how to make China into a hardware power? Finishing the hardware industry to sum up the face of the five major changes.

    Chinese brand

    National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the high-Wen pointed out that how to create China's own brand with the market commensurate, which is an urgent need to solve the problem. At present, China's hardware products in the international almost no well-known brands, although some of its own brand reputation in the country, but still not out of the country.

    China's hardware industry's production and marketing development must go international. At the same time, should make the big consortium involved in bigger and stronger China's hardware industry, such as the former Japan's Panasonic, Sony is not the electrical industry, but itself is a big consortium, see the prospects for the development of household appliances, have intervened, Dominate the world situation; the other to change the current hardware tools manufacturers go it alone the phenomenon of taking the road of cooperation, cooperation brand. Domestic enterprises should look to the future, set the goal in the establishment of "Greater China" brand grand ambitions for the development of China's hardware industry contribution.

    Training and management

    Domestic hardware companies generally in the training management system is relatively immature, enterprises may wish to introduce advanced management system, learn from abroad, enhance the system within the enterprise, so as to promote the efficiency of staff. In terms of training to increase investment in building talent is particularly important to nurture high-tech talent is the fundamental way for enterprise progress.

    Enterprises should focus on improving the overall internal management level, the rational development of brand strategy, a clear division of labor, and efficient coordination of various departments in an orderly implementation of corporate brand strategy to enhance the brand value of enterprises, effective management of foreign companies line, See the structured, large-scale enterprises, in order to enhance corporate brand in the international market, the right to speak.

    R &; D innovation

    To meet the needs of domestic and international hardware tools market, we should accelerate the pace of new product development, strengthen the field of expertise, focus on research and development part of the patent has been declared or access to active use of funds into R &; D innovation.

    R &; D innovative products to break away from the traditional form of a single metal features, in the material and color matching, functional and physical innovation, humanization direction innovation, the use of ergonomics, in the design of bold and courageous creativity, the use of elegant Materials, new products should be consistent with the standards of hardware tools, pay attention to product safety performance, based on practical security, and a sense of artistic design.

    Improve quality

    In the domestic enterprises to compete for low prices today, in order to avoid vicious competition, should improve the quality of hardware tools. Hardware tools need to strictly control the product quality, and strive to achieve the quality of tool products ANSI US standards, DIN German standards and GB Chinese national standards. The current domestic and international market demand for high-grade hardware tools, most of the market share has been occupied by foreign hardware and tools brands, domestic hardware products in the product grade has many shortcomings. This enterprise needs to improve two points, increase the establishment of R &; D institutions and testing center with.

    Services and publicity

    Where high-end top companies in the profit-making at the same time, but also have first-class service and enhance the level of after-sales service enterprises should be the goal of domestic enterprises need to work, enterprises should be far-sighted, after-sales service level of a brand of comprehensive test Strength, well-known brand behind the people must have a full range of after-sales protection, hardware companies gradually realize that after-sales service is to enhance the brand market competitiveness of an important magic weapon.

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