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      Nan'an Longfa Hardware Fittings Co

      Address: Binjiang Industrial Zone, Nanan City, Fujian Province
      Tel: 0595-26523222
      Fax: 0595-26528777
      Mobile: 15905012321
      Website: www.

      Company culture

      Entrepreneurial culture: adhere to the "two must", be vigilant in peace, never slack, keep making progress.
      Integrity culture: honest and trustworthy, law-abiding, disciplined.
      Performance culture: the pursuit of high performance business, high goals, passionate staff, the pursuit of high performance.
      Human culture: respect for people, train people, create people, to achieve the value of employees and corporate value to enhance.
      Responsible culture: fulfilling social responsibility, pursuing harmonious integration with stakeholders and the natural environment, and actively contributing to the society.
      Integrity culture: abide by professional ethics and professional ethics, strict self-discipline, honesty, fulfill their duties.

      Lean culture: learning innovation, continuous improvement, full participation.


      Development Vision  

        The environment changes for me!
      On the individual: personal spiritual needs and family living environment, quality is improved;
      For enterprises: to create a positive growth environment, a good working and living environment;
      To society / customers / families: to bring more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, more secure, more comfortable environment.

      Our Mission 

        A hardware industry leader!
      To technological innovation as the core, continuing to provide customers with the most complete solutions and products to create the maximum value!!


        Integrity, responsibility, obedience, caring!

        Integrity: honesty and integrity, abide by its commitments;
      Responsible for: recognition, is my ability, do not make excuses; commitment, is my pattern to ensure results;
      To obey orders and obey orders;
      There is love: hard to speak, with love to do things.

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